Discover Unprecedented Data Site Document Efficiency, Reliability and Compliance Controls with FinDox CORE

Do your best work with all your investment documents available at the click of a button. Access to critical investment documents should be easy!

FinDox aggregates and organizes all your critical investment documents so you have everything you need, whenever and wherever you need it. Compliance teams love the complete control over every document, every user and every deal. No more chasing investment professionals document access from a number of different data rooms or worrying about material non-public document access.

FinDox CORE streamlines the inefficient and unreliable workflow associated with accessing and downloading investment documents from virtual data rooms and investor websites. CORE aggregates and organizes all your deal documents in one secure location.

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What You Get With FinDox CORE

An easily accessible lender conference call calendar

New document alerts

A complete library of all deals you have ever been invited to, saved forever

Simplified compliance workflow with air-tight controls, complete oversight, and comprehensive reporting across all your documents and data rooms

The Game-Changing Potential of FinDox CORE


  • Eliminate the need for analysts to waste time with manually intensive, low-productivity tasks
  • All-in-one private cloud database: organized, searchable, powerful
  • Store all syndication data in perpetuity, as opposed to being lost once the issue moves to the agency site
  • Value added email alerts; reduce the noise, and get specifics on the documents being posted
  • One-click: analyst vacation coverage, new analyst set up, analyst industry/issuer changes, and private to public side document access

Compliance Control & Oversight

  • Move from a “policy/honor” based system to an airtight “rules” based system
  • Complete oversight and control; right down to the document and individual level
  • Automated, simple and easy “going private” procedure
  • Automatic Private List generation with a complete historical audit trail
  • Comprehensive reports include: private list, document access, user access, and customizable reports
  • NDA management/storage

Reliability Guaranteed

FinDox notifies you proactively of being dropped by a data site and helps to get you added back. Our platform alerts you and minimizes dropped time, which is a competitive advantage in the fast-paced marketplace.

Our Commitment to Service

FinDox Client Success Managers (CSMs) are an extension of your team. Your firm will have a dedicated CSM point person that learns all of your unique procedures and processes. And, with a full CSM support team spread across London, New York, and Los Angeles, we’re here for you when you need us.

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Our team is on a mission to revolutionize investment management data. Join the growing number of investment managers who trust FinDox to uncover previously unheard of efficiencies, reliabilities, and controls. Get in touch today to see FinDox in action and connect with one of our experts.

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