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Get easy access to analyst models for the private companies you care about.

Private debt issuers lack consistent financial reports which makes it harder to build meaningful financial models. FinDox has invested in people and technology to ease this burden for credit managers. Our team focuses exclusively on LevFin issuers (public and private) and understands the challenges of our markets. Our credit analyst team understands the transactions and incorporates technology to link to the underlying documents, double-check calculations and to back-check for potential errors.

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Key Benefits

Buyside analysts can get up to speed on credits quickly, including new syndications, earnings and opportunistic secondary trading

Increase your coverage of relevant credits and comps

Enables investment teams to allocate more time to high-value analysis vs. manual data entry

Use financial metrics for portfolio management, risk management and reporting

Comprehensive, single source of financial data for public and private debt issuers

Accuracy and Auditability – all financial outputs are hyperlinked to images of source document page(s)

Fundamentals by Reorg at a Glance

Full Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flow

FinDox breaks down historical financials reported by borrowers into an electronic format, applying a detailed, standardized nomenclature so you can both track performance over time and perform comparisons across issuers.

Capital Structure, Leverage Stats and Tear Sheet

The tear sheet includes a full liquidity summary, capital structure analysis, financial performance indicators and meaningful credit stats so you can quickly put the full financial picture together.

Complete EBITDA Bridge

FinDox calculates and tracks Calculated, Reported, Adjusted and TTM Proforma Adjusted EBITDA using standardized add-backs buckets so you can compare EBITDA details and decide what line items and measures are meaningful for you.

API Access, Web-Based Access and Excel-Based Access

FinDox Analytics allows you to choose the best ways to work with your data. Our API allows you to bring the data into your IT systems. Excel allows analysts to build on top of the models. The web is your easy point of access; wherever you are.

Leveraged Finance Models by
Leveraged Finance Analysts

FinDox uses its team of 35+ investment analysts to break down the financials so they make sense to your analysts. We use technology to link data to the underlying documents and to avoid fat finger errors and catch manual mistakes.

Our Commitment to Service

FinDox Client Success Managers (CSMs) are an extension of your team. Your firm will have a dedicated CSM point person that learns all of your unique procedures and processes. And, with a full CSM support team spread across London, New York, and Los Angeles, we’re here for you 20 hours a day, when you need us most.

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